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St Albans was a great place to grow up and make friends with Alma Road studio owners. A small city with great artists, pubs and opportunities. It was a little bubble of music that gave him the chance in his teenage years to try recording in a professional studio. Winning funding with his songwriting, he kept going back with more projects.

Studying Music at Uni, and playing in the streets of Chester. Matt soaked in so much from the professors and the other talented musicians he studied with.

Busking is a bit like walking a tight rope of grabbing peoples attention, whilst trying to seem modest and approachable”

Touring Brazil with a University band during his last year. “I remember a sort of “anchorman” type evening, when people came to the gig with their flutes, clarinets and all sorts up their sleeve, soon the whole place was on stage playing music with us. It was a foreign, inspiring experience and the reason I returned to live in Brazil after my studies.”

Matt then moved to the next bubble, the next chapter in his music journey – to a Brazilian city famous for its two music universities and music heritage – Soa Joao Del Rei.

Forming a new band “The Skinnies” they toured Minas Gerais, won two songwriting competitions, with recording opportunities and festival stages. Matt brought his English traits, and slammed it together with the style of the other band members.

After several years gigging, writing, and recording with devoted brothers, it was time to move on, with a new variety and approach, and to make Europe home again.

My work as a musician has been completely dominated by travel and performances, one summer I toured for 6 months and visited 14 countries. I’m now looking to build on this with a sofa tour, hitting up the cities that have given me incredible support and love on the road”

Matthew recently started a recording studio, “Hibernate Music Studios”, allowing him to collaborate and create all his own future albums. “It’s a great setup, as I always felt I needed more time to perfect things whilst in a rented studio, and my first album was recorded with just one mic, so it’s taken my creation to another level having the time, and the gear to create the sounds in my brain.”

Improving his blend of English folk pop, now with a heavy influence from bossa nova and samba rhythms. It is clear that Matthew Kerr has found his comfort inside organic instrument choices, percussive blankets of sound, and his boy scout campfire storytelling.

I am a handcrafted artist, I make my own daft videos, I sell CD’s face to face, I work closely with generous film makers and artists, and create bonds with the people who can help. Now I’m ready to start building a bigger presence.”

Staying afloat as a producer, making songs for various companies from his studio, and continuing his artistry, Matt is poised for bigger opportunities, and is working on his new album ready for release in 2020 and a release tour through, Spain, France and Italy with old friend, Nini Gallon.

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Date Info
11th Feb 2020  ‘COOL INN’ Canella, Santander, Spain
28th Feb 2020 ‘Cool INN’ Bolero, Santander, Spain
29th Feb 2020 Bolero, Santander, Spain
2nd April – 21st Aril Tour Germany, Holland, Switzerland “TBC”
14th April 2020 Erlangen Town Hall, Germany
18th April 2020 Study, Berlin, Germany
19th April 2020 Berlin, Germany
29th May – 20th June Tour in France, Italy, Spain TBC
12th June 2020 Taormina, Italy



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